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Michelle Obama Image on Google (click to enlarge)

Google apologizes for Michelle Obama image

Google Inc. is apologizing for a racially offensive image of the first lady that appears at the top of the list when users search for pictures of Michelle Obama on its site.

Google placed a text ad above the image titled “Offensive Search Results” that states “Sometimes our search results can be offensive. We agree.”

Users who then click on the ad are directed to a letter from Google that explains its results “can include disturbing content, even from innocuous queries” but notes that Google doesn’t endorse content on these Web sites.

Oh yeah whatevah, guess all those chimp pictures of G.W. that have been floating around for almost a decade now were racially motivated also.   Haven’t seen any apologies to G.W. from google.  Go figure.  Bunch of fucking Race Baiters.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing Jesse and Al soon.


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45 Responses

  1. Sin says:

    It’s a fucking joke really. The whole race thing is totally blown out of proportioner in the states.

    The fact that google has magically allowed the image to vanish from the front page is sad. At the end of the day, the woman does pull some chimp faces, as do most humans. GW Bush has had them, as have famous figures such as Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

    People need to get a grip and accept that not everyone will like them and not everyone is going to smile lovingly at their pictures.

  2. cunt fucker says:

    dickhead hope you fuckin burn

  3. irenille says:

    take this down right now! this is unacceptable!

  4. jason says:

    Who ever posted this is a Classless individual and you should be Very Ashamed of yourself. I feel Sorry for the parents who gave birth to you! But I am sure a the person who posted this has no integrity so I am sure you dont care what I think or even what your parents would think, and I am being generous and assuming they have an ounce of integrity themselves

  5. Mercy Quaye says:

    The person above should understand that when someone calls the race card it’s not because they’re being too sensitive, it’s because what is being said is ACTUALLY offensive. A Monkey picture of Bush isn’t racist because whites weren’t in slaved and called monkeys. It’s offensive to the first lady because she is black. Learn your history then maybe you’d understand the difference because Race Bait and actuality.

  6. melissa javier-battle says:

    The image of Michelle Obama as a monkey is considered Racists because of the History with African Americans in this Country. Being called a monkey, gorilla, chimp etc… have been the white mans joke about blacks since they brought us to this Country. It has always been a derogatory statement and a very painful one. So, to see George W. Bush as one, is in it’s own right offensive. But, it could never hold the weight of insult that it takes on when you depict an African American as one. Especially, someone as intelligent, graceful, regal and beautiful as Michelle Obama. It was a racist remark then and it still holds true today. I know it, who ever sees this image knows it and the very kind person who created the illustration knows it too.

  7. Nomily says:

    It’s very interesting~!BTW,I don’t think that the image affended the first lady of the USA.Anyhow,Uncle Sam is a man of democracy,isn’t he?Aha~~!!

  8. Yana Goda says:

    Well, this picture is still hanging out in images of Mrs. Obama.
    Do you mind really removing it?

  9. Tanya says:

    This is a shame ..and this picture is degrading, disrespectful, and sheer ignorance ,at its finest..remove this image immediately! This is a Very important Woman in our history. She should have the same respect as Jackie Onassis..You google her and there is nothing but beautiful images …You Google Mrs.Obama and she is displayed as a animal…and the first image at that…PLease remove it and show some respect for the next human being ..

  10. tyrone says:

    can u just take it down remove it perminantley?

  11. steadycat says:

    And what are you? A guru of relaxation, peace and love?

  12. […] original image would have fallen out of the rankings, if it hadn’t been for a follow-up blog post about the controversy, which itself now comes up as the first […]

  13. dan gillroy says:

    Actually the image comes up first when I google “michelle obama”
    and it is hosted on your site and I think you better take it off or karma is going to fuck you in the ass

  14. tyrel says:

    i am very unhappy at google which was my personal best and most use search engine. i have now move and use bing as i think it is not stupid the word that i would use for google as i think the picture of michelle obama should have been intermediately removed. but as google will not remove it or even move it from top i am very unhappy i have removed igoogle,google chorme,google g-mail and google skecthup all these items i used and enjoyed but as google it “stupid” i will stay like that and i am starting to like Bing just as much as google please answer me back

  15. George W Bush says:

    The difference is that I really am largely simian. Not even Old World either – I’m one of the particularly stupid New World monkeys.

    Given that all you Freepers were looking to press treason charges against anyone who suggested that invading Iraq was a stupid idea, I think it’s quite funny that you’ve suddenly started remembering free speech. But whatever. Marginalized forever, you will spend the rest of your life whacking off to photos of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

  16. angel says:

    Don’t they got any respect !?
    why do you all think so bath about him
    Without Bush Saddam Hussein was still there killing people !
    You all have to thank bush !

  17. Sarah Thompson says:

    wow google is full of such disrespectful bastards. They should apologize for all of the pictures of Bush on there too. Wow i hope whoever puts these pictures on is fired stupid assholes.

  18. John O. says:

    Duhbya’s version isn’t racial, stupid, it’s a comment on his intelligence.

    They should have combined his face with yours–they’d get the same effect.

  19. KIMANI says:

    It does little but only show how the author is a racist. Google should not even bother to apologize. That image will not make any person including the first lady not to perform their duties.

    I am African and I apologize for commenting on this image to all blacks around the world.

  20. frank says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I have a fair few George Bush monkey pics on my site and visitors find them funny. I have Michael Phelps as a monkey and OJ Simpson and I would bet money if I did a Barack or Michelle monkey pic people would hit the roof. Keep up the great site.

  21. jake says:

    This a not a nice photo and you should be ashamed i do not like this photo .

  22. ThatGuy says:

    I’ve seen that Michelle Obama picture very often on google. And when I clicked on it, it lead me directly to a racist site. So maybe it did have a little (a lot) to do with race.

  23. biz says:

    well, there were no photos of Laura Bush like this. I don’t think it’s poignant to compare this photo of the first lady to this photo of Bush. The photo of Bush is clearly mocking his intelligence, not his race.

  24. sabah says:

    thats just stupid and imachure get a life.

  25. michael says:

    i have never seen her look so good.she usually looks like james brown!

  26. Kc says:

    Never seen a white monkey before… I have seen a brown one which suggest that black ppl r ignorant as monkeys…

  27. v reid says:

    this is appalling to say the least. in had not view it prior to now, you only got away with it because of freedom of speech. who ever allowed this was such an ass and very shallow. the disrespect people have because of race is ridiculous. one thing about it we all come into the world the same way, bleed the same color of blood and will die someway, then the final judgement!! so all of these racist with their shallow comments will not even be able to speak then for there will be only one judge, GOD!!

  28. mikey d. says:

    this is very wrong, not the one about george bush, but this is very wrong.

  29. zendigochild says:

    white people aren’t (and never have been) referred to as monkeys by any race in the world..but they’ve racially used the reference themselves, all while they raped and brutally murdered their so-called slaves. black people have had to deal with those sorts of remarks for hundreds of years and more, right here in America, if you look at history, and would be hung not more than 50 years ago by the same people who were making the references if they stood up for themselves… so there’s no comparison here…at all. Monkeyfying a George W. image is making fun of him, while doing the same to any image of a black person can be taken, and most likely is meant, as a insult to the black race, not the person

  30. Red says:

    Although both are juvenile and insensitive, there IS a difference between the characterizations of G.W. Bush and the Obamas as monkeys — namely, this country’s long history of pejoratively equating dark-skinned races with primates. That cannot be denied. Both are deplorable, but it’s irresponsible and nonsensical to equate the two.

    And although you and I probably disagree politically, I can definitely agree with you that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do more harm to the plight of blacks in America than good. They are certainly race-baiters and use benign occurrences to further their clearly selfish agendas.

  31. Connie B. Gross says:

    As a Black Female, I thought the racist image of First Lady Michelle Obama is quite offensive. I knew racism was still alive and well, but I never thought I would continue to see it so bodly express in 2010.

    Let me expressed, that no matter how some may feel, one thing is for sure, President Obama and Michelle Obama is the First Black Family of the United States. No matter how many ugly pictures your make up you will not never be able to change that fact. Therefore, now it is my desire to share this with as many people as I can to see what Google thinks of our First Family.

    I will keep you in my prayers because you all really need an awakening from God who loves us all.

  32. John says:

    I so pray for your blurred vision, you poor thing! Did you mama teach you how be your best stupid? God have mercy on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Ashley McBride says:


  34. Joe Smoe says:

    Fuck you, man. So what if the GW Bush stuff is inappropriate. What the fuck did she ever do to you?

  35. LittleDEM says:

    Slight difference.

    In the case of George Bush, it’s a slight against his lack of intellect.

    In the case of Michelle Obama, it’s a clear racist slur using an age-old image of a monkey.

    As the saying goes ‘a picture says 1,000 words’, these are miles apart.

  36. kandy says:

    this is not funny this is rasist and i happen to have black family and they find this image very rudde and disrespectful

  37. David Brown says:

    Welcome to the new fascist America
    now a Tennesee man is is going to lose his job for a similar Image sent in a email.
    see story here http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/18499450

    no longer will the government or the media tolerate
    anything it deems offensive!

  38. misanthrope says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think a picture of W Bush as a chimp ever hit the top image spots.

  39. Natalie says:

    LMFAO HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH HIGHLARIOUS!!!!! Lol this first freaked my friend out hahha it was sooo funny im gonna take a picture of this with my cellhpone and send it to all my friends so i can scare their pants off lol ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD

  40. carl vitel says:

    If we had to portray all Republican personalities on Google, it would turn into the ultimate zoo…

  41. Taniya says:

    you guys who made this are really verry mean!!!!! You may not like them but you don’t have to make fun of their faces!!!

  42. MIKE says:

    If google took it off, why you put it back???? dumbass!!!!

  43. Uncle LOL says:

    You do realize that now your post is on top of image SERP on “Michelle Obama” keyword? 😀

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